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Sport et Histoire (mondial du rugby)

Publication d’une série d’articles sur l’histoire du Rugby dans le monde. par l’European Journal of Sport Science : special Issue on ’Science and rugby. Texte repris de l’introduction repris ici : “With the Rugby World Cup 2015 fast approaching, we felt it timely to draw together the most current research from all cognate areas of sport science. As researchers and practitioners specialising in Rugby Union we have a strong interest in what knowledge is beneficial for player performance, and also the researchers and groups answering these important performance questions.

In this special issue of the European Journal of Sport and Exercise Science we present a total of 14 articles from a wide range of sport science topics.” This collection features over 100 wide-ranging articles that discuss the various aspects of the sport. The collection is quite diverse in its subject content ; we split the collection into the following themes :

· Culture

· Gender

· History

· Injury Prevention

· Performance

· Rugby Events

· Wheelchair Rugby

· Culture

Dans cette collection l’article de Evelyne Combeau-Mari, Professeur d’histoire contemporaine au CRESOI (Université de La Réunion) ‘Rugby on the High Plateaus : A Physical Culture of Combat and Emancipation’, has been included in our Rugby Research collection.

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